Saturday, October 25, 2014

Best Mont SUTTON ski deals 2014-15

Here is my annual low down for getting the best deals for skiing at Mont SUTTON for winter 2014-15; note that in all cases you have to add the 15% taxes. As a start point a regular one off adult lift ticket for a day is C$60 but read on for the cheapest ways to ski Mont SUTTON including a day for just $5!
Ski SUTTON "Like nowhere else"
  • If you can stay a night or two then the Forfait Neige is an unbeatable value ski package. For $89pp you get a day and a half of skiing along with a night's lodging and breakfast. For $159pp you get two and a half days of skiing and 2 nights lodging n.b. this package is only available Monday to Friday (the mountain sets the rules not me). This offer is available here at Vert Le Mont B&B as well as a number of other lodgings in Sutton but they don't offer complimentary hot chocolate and home made cookies (just saying). For more info go to my Sutton ski package page.
  • People aged 50 and over, men and women can ski for just $25 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays respectively e.g. men on Wednesdays, between January 6 and February 19 2015.
  • Not much time? Half day tickets are pretty expensive-about 80% of the full day cost- but you can ski from 3pm every day of the week for just $15.
  • If you are a beginner the Iniski initiation program gets you equipment rental, a 90 minute private lesson and a lift pass for to the Family Zone for only $85. If you have a bit of experience the $110 Discovery-ski program gives you the same things but with a lift ticket for the entire mountain. TIP: Schedule your lesson as early in the day as possible to get the best use from your lift pass. You can also ski the easiest section of the mountain for $22 with a ticket that restricts you to the 2W and 3 chairlifts.
  • Deals at the weekend are few and far between. So make sure to get a free Carte Blanche loyalty card which gives you 10% discount your first visit, 20% the second and so on up to 40% with your fifth visit free. These cards are good for Mont Sutton, Owls Head and Smugglers Notch. I have these cards here at Vert Le Mont B&B or else try Sports Experts stores or the Sutton Tourist Information Office. These passes are NOT available at the ski hill.
  • Every year on 17 December Mont SUTTON celebrates its birthday by letting people ski for just $5 - the 1960 price!

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